Tea Table

Tea Table
Rose Tea Pot Centerpiece

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Planning the Second Annual Mother's Day Tea

Our committee met last evening with nine in attendance.  We reviewed last year's tea and identified the things we liked and those we did not.  We recapped the program and execution of the tea as there were several ladies on the planning committee who were not at last year's tea. 

We have identified 12 table hostesses for this year's tea.  They will be responsible for decorating their table, greeting guests, and serving tea and food items.  We decided to develop a few sub-committees which will enable attention to detail in those areas.  The three main areas include:  menu and food preparation, fashion show coordination, and programing.  These sub-committees will report back to the main committee.  

For programming we have invited a Story Teller and a Sweet Adeline Barbershop Singers group.  The cost of each of these is fairly small.  We will have door prizes again this year.  These door prizes are tea related and very nice.  The fashion show this year will focus on various decades (50's, 60's 70's and perhaps others), including the dress, music and highlights from those decades.  While the fashion is being modeled we will have screen shots of pictures and music of that era.  A new idea I have today, which I need to run by the ladies on the committee is having a hat contest.  We would have those ladies who are wearing a hat model their hat and there would be a prize for the prettiest or most original hat!  We also discussed having arts and crafts made by the ladies displayed as part of the decorations.  Everyone has alot of great ideas and any that we don't use this year may be used in the future.

We are planning for less structured time to allow for more conversation and interaction at the tables.  After all, we do need time to connect with each other in a meaningful way.  So much of our lives these days are hurried and we need to take time to relax and enjoy the company of other women! 

My Crafty Little Page: Low Tea With The Queen

My Crafty Little Page: Low Tea With The Queen


Thinkin' of: You are Cordially Invited to....

Thinkin' of: You are Cordially Invited to....pinkteaandpeonies.blogspot.com

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mother's Day Tea Program

Last year's Mother's Day Tea had quite an ambitious program.  Probably too ambitious!  This year I think we will allow more time for conversation at the tables.  We opened with a prayer and welcome.  I read a few poems about mothers.  We had one lady do the devotional.  She did such a lovely job and many were touched by her family's story of the loss of a child.  The big show, however, was our Bridal Fashion Show!  We had about 10 wedding gowns from various decades in the show.  These were dresses worn by our church members or their family members.  We had one from the World War II era - a beautiful purple velvet suit with a sporty purple hat and netting veil.  We displayed two which were too fragile to put on a model.  These helped provide the decoration for the stage area, along with two ferns from my porch.  We had dresses from the 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's.  I even was able to model my daughter's wedding gown and my other daughter's veil!  It was such fun. 

The Tea lasted about 2.5 hours.  We sold 96 tickets for $5.00 each.  This helped cover the cost of the food and other incidentals.  The proceeds were used in our Agape Fund, which is used to help out people who come to the church needing help with food, gas, electric, etc. 

I will post more as we plan our second annual Mother's Day Tea over the next months or so.  On the docket right now is to have a Story Teller as a guest speaker.  She tells the story of her mother's gloves.  I have heard it before and it is such a touching tale.  We will have another fashion show.  This year's may be of old prom dresses - we will see!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mother's Day Tea Food

At our Mother's Day Tea we had a large variety of food which was presented on the individual tables.  They were placed on stands or serving platters, depending on what was available to each hostess.  We had finger sandwiches.  Popular items are chicken salad; cucumber, cream cheese and dill; etc.  Scones with stawberry jam, lemon curd, and Devonshire Cream are the second course.  Lastly, sweet cookies and cakes decorated with delicate flowers or drizzled icing round out the choice of delectables.

We served water in crystal goblets and hot tea.  With a large group of people it is easier to just offer these two choices.  This is a tea, after all.  I know that most tea aficionados will prefer loose tea to tea bags, but for various reasons we chose the tea bags.  We purchased a variety of teas from Bigalow Teas, which included decaffeinated as well as regular.  There were black teas, green teas, and herbal teas.  Some folks like fruit flavored teas and some do not.   Also, it is easier to just keep hot water flowing and pour from that pot, rather than steeping and straining tea.  I provide tea caddies or tea tidies as a part of my table decor so each lady can put her used tea bag aside, without soiling the table cloth.  The only thing resting on the tea saucer then is the tea spoon.  We also provided sugar, honey, lemon, Splenda and milk for addition to the tea by each individual, according to her taste.  (Use milk, not cream.  Cream will curdle.)

Keep centerpieces low enough so the ladies can see over them.  This aids in conversation around the table.  I have a pretty small tea pot which is in the shape of a rose.  ( The picture above is the tea pot with roses at a luncheon tea we had at work.)  For the Mother's Day Tea I raised it on a cake pedestal and put a small arrangement of small pink roses in it.  It was very delicate and pretty.  I purchased the roses at the grocery store for under $10.00.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mother's Day Tea

In my introduction I spoke briefly about our Mother's Day Tea.  We held the first annual tea at our church last May.  I came up with the idea to celebrate the Mothers in our lives - our moms, aunts, daughters, and friends.  The tea was a great success!  We are beginning to plan our second annual Mother's Day Tea for May 7th.  The planning is just as much fun as the actual tea.  The planning is fairly easy.  The bulk of the work comes the week prior to the tea, as well as the evening before.

We had 12 tables, which is all our space can hold.  We chose not to have a long buffet table, but instead we served the tea and the food at each table.  I recruited a table hostess for each table.  The hostess' responsibility included serving on the planning committee, preparing some of the food which was served, and decorating her table.  Each table seats 8 people.  The tables were set with the hostess' china, cutlery, goblets, tea cups, and serving trays.  They also decorated the table with a centerpiece.  We stipulated that the centerpieces be real, such as real flowers.  No silk, plastic, or other types of flowers or decorations are allowed.  One girl used a beach theme and used real sea shells in place of flowers.  That is great!  We did have coursages hand made by one of the ladies.  She hand-rolled satin fabric into a beautiful rose.  She made one for each lady in attendence.  They added a nice touch to my napkin presentation, as I tucked one into each napkin which was folded with a decorative ribbon used as a napkin ring.  My napkins are a light pink and the roses were more of a hot pink.  It provided such a lovely contrast.

Because we want the tea to be extra special, and because we rarely are able to dine with such beautiful place settings, I also did not want paper napkins to be used.  Only cloth napkins are used. 

Each table looked different and had different color schemes, according to the china or dishes the hostess used.  I decorated two tables, with the help of my mother.   We provide ecru colored table clothes (the only ones the church has), but the hostess may use any table cloths or place mats they have or desire.  On one of my tables I used different tea cups and coordinated them with butterfly plates provided by my mom.  Her plates have a solid colored band around the edge with a butterfly over the white center.  They are pink, blue, green, yellow, and lavender.  I used light pink placemats to add color to the ecru table, as well as matching napkins.  My table was the most ecclectic there and it received alot of compliments.  My other table used a pink damask table cloth with my good china - an ecru background with clusters of muted flowers in pink, yellow, green, and a little blue.  Ecru napkins were used.  Clear etched goblets were used for the water.  The tea cups were in the same china pattern. 

I will post later with more information about the Mother's Day Tea.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Welcome to my blog!!!

Why the title Pink, Tea and Peonies?  They are some of my favorite things!  My favorite color is pink, although yellow is a close second.  I have an affinity for tea.  I love to taste different teas and my favorites are Earl Gray, produced by Stash Tea and Constant Comment by Bigelow Teas.  My favorite loose tea is Buccaneer Tea, with flavors of chocolate and coconut.  Lastly, I love peonies!  Alas, living in Florida I no longer am able to see them each spring as I had when living in Virginia.  Roses are tied with peonies as my favorite flowers.

I also love china, linens, and tea accessories.  There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down to a good cup of hot or iced tea.  It is even better when shared with a friend or while reading a magazine.  I am presently organizing our church's second annual Mother's Day Tea.  Stay tuned for ideas related to the Mother's Day Tea! 

I have 4 grandchildren.  The oldest is a boy, age 9.  His sister is almost 5.  My other daughter has daughters age 3 years and 3 weeks.  Of course any grandmother will understand what a joy they are! 

I live in Florida in a log home on 11 acres.  The drive from work to home is very peacful and just beautiful old Florida.  Live oaks drip spanish moss from their branches and palm trees sway in the breeze.  As I cross the prairie I see sand hill cranes, bald eagles, and occasionally alligators, wild horses, and buffalo.  The winter sunsets are so wonderful, with shades of pink, purple, oranges, and yellow. 

It's funny that I would name my blog Pink, Tea and Peonies, as Florida is too warm to grow peonies.  I also love roses, and have several bushes which bloom most of the year.  Camillias also grow in my garden and are blooming right now.  They look similar to roses but they have no odor.  Spring is coming quickly.  The rain this week has caused the weeds and grass to begin to turn a bright green!  Little wild flowers will soon be poking their heads up through the soil.  My husband still has onions in his winter garden to harvest, and he is planning his Spring/Summer garden right now.  He has been preparing the soil and will get things planted over the next few weeks.